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Painting Details

The Boy Keeper of Manitoulin Island
by Simon, James

Artist Description:

"The Story of Crying Island"

In the 15th century, when the Bad Medicine came to Manitoulin, the native people were so scared that they burned all of the Island.
But before they left, they put a young child on the west side of another island to take care of Manitoulin as a 'caretaker' (keeper of the land).

Then, they prayed to the child spirit, "We'll be back someday."

Hundreds of years passed and the people of Manitoulin came back. The Spirit Child had taken care of Manitoulin.
And that is why now you can still hear the crying sounds coming from that same Island.
by James Simon

Artist: Simon, James
Price: Please contact us.
Size: 48" x 48"
Year: 1983
Type: Acrylic on canvas.

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