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Native Art Manitoulin

Originating on the Island of Manitoulin, Canada, the 'Woodland Style' of Legend Painting depicts traditional stories of spirit and legend. Particularly Ojibwe in it's origin, these paintings have inspired generations of Native artists throughout the world.

Native Art Manitoulin represents private owners with extensive collections of Canadian Native Art in this style. At this time, our roster of artists is mainly from the second generation (b. 1950s) of the Woodland Style, including world-renowned painters James Simon Mishibinijima, and Leland Bell Bebaminojmat. The second generation, influenced directly by the likes of Daphne Odjig and Norval Morrisseau, continue to be active today. Many of their works can be found in galleries around the world.

The digital images of the paintings featured here were produced by a professional photographer in a closed studio session. Although they are very good at depicting the look and feel of these wonderful works of art, their brilliance can only be seen in person.

All paintings are currently under exhibit at Gallery deBoer in Owen Sound. Serious inquiries can be made by contacting them directly by email, telephone or in person. Visit the contact page for more information.

We are currently holding paintings from the following artists:

  • Leland Bell
  • James Simon
  • Robert Madahbee
  • Mel Madahbee
  • Doug Fox
  • John Laford
  • Randy Trudeau
  • Martin Panamick
  • Stan Panamick

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